éntomo understands the cultural prejudices associated with entomophagy. It has been proven that insects can provide us with the most sustainable and viable system of food production, but first we need to understand how people might react to seeing insects on a supermarket shelf. 

To help understand if and how insects can be introduced to mainstream Western consumer society, éntomo likes to run taste tests with some adventurous foodies, friends, and skeptics! The research highlights peoples curiosity and anxiety, and exposes their reaction to the texture and taste of this unfamiliar food...

In many places around the world where insect consumption is practiced, there is no equivalent word or term to entomophagy because people do not differentiate between insects and other types of food.

They were actually quite tasty and have great nutritional benefits!

Why wouldn't I eat this?! It's delicious and healthy.

I'm totally behind this. It makes so much sense to me!

— Some happy éntomo customers

Winner winner, cricket dinner — a deep dive into vegetarianism & entomophagy at #foodofthefuture blog!


I've never eaten insects before but I can't wait to try them again!

— Laura Howard

 An important food source for humans as well as many animals, insects can provide us with an efficient, safe, sustainable, and healthy global food supply. It is estimated that in parts of Asia and Africa over two billion people eat insects each day! Bugs are easy to manage, provide the necessary nutrients for a staple diet, and above all they taste absolutely delicious!